Dive Like A Ninja was formed in 2010 when Tamara May became a dive professional.

A catchy phrase turned into a philosophy.

Tamara is originally from Australia, Melbourne born and raised. Her mother from Papua New Guinea and a diver herself, Tamara had stories of diving wrecks from the war and amazing reefs of her motherland instilled in her from a young age. And so, the curiosity started..

This has taken Tamara on a world wide adventure since becoming a professional diver having dived the reefs of Thailand, Maldives, South Sinai, Italy, wrecks & caves of Thailand, Malta/Gozo, Sardinia, France, Spain, Australia, U.S.A and Mexico.

The journey began in Thailand, completing her technical training including wreck and cavern/cave courses as soon as the possibility was given. Then continuing on working as a PADI Staff Instructor and Technical diving Instructor.

Later to Dahab – Egypt to gain experience for trimix diving and support diving, also to become a TDI Decompression Procedures and Sidemount Instructor.

Tamara moved to Mexico to continue her passion for cave diving in 2014, soon after the opportunity to work as a technical and sidemount instructor landed her a full time position in Portofino, Italy for the summer season of May – October of 2015.

Then to return to Mexico, based in Tulum – Quintana Roo where she worked as a cavern and cave guide, recreational and technical instructor often involved in underwater video and photo shoots as lighting, photographers assistant or model.

2018 she returned to Melbourne to dive and explore the depths of colder water rich with beautiful macro life in Port Phillip Bay and sinkholes of the Great Australian Bight.

2019 brings a new step in her professional dive career building experience to work toward becoming a cave instructor with ProTec Dive Centers.

2020 – Cave Instructor journey has truly begun, currently working as a PSAI Cavern Instructor, Cave Guide and SSI Recreational Instructor for ProTec Dive Centers and ProRec Dive Center.

The curiosity never subsides, she currently working on a trip back to her mothers homeland to dive the sunken wrecks and hidden gems of Papua New Guinea.


  • PSAI Cavern Instructor
  • PSAI Silver Status Sport Diver Instructor
  • SSI Assistant Instructor Trainer
  • PADI Staff Instructor
  • PADI Tech Deep
  • TDI Decompression Procedures
  • TDI Advanced Nitrox Instructor
  • TDI Tec Sidemount


  • GUE Fundamentals
  • GUE Cave 1
  • TDI Advanced Trimix
  • IANTD Advanced Multi-Stage Cave
  • PSAI Closed Circuit Rebreather MOD 1 – Pelagian
  • KISS Sidewinder Rebreather Diver
  • Ocean Reef Full Face Diver and Communication
  • PADI Gas Blender