Quintana Roo has something really special to offer the adventurous diver – Cenotes.

All throughout the Yukatan Peninsula there are cenotes (sinkholes) that connect hundreds of kilometres of underwater passage.

There is enough underwater passage in this region to keep a cave diver occupied for the rest of their lives!!

If you are not cave certified but curious to see what lies beneath, as an Open Water Diver you are allowed to dive in some selected cenotes under supervision of an instructor and cave diver. On these guided dives you will be within day light at all times yet still diving amongst cave formations and artefacts.

If overhead environments are not your thing, check out the ocean! Across the water from Playa Del Carmen and Tulum is Cozumel Island.

Surrounding the island these Caribbean waters offers a wide range of aquatic life, including sharks, turtles to the super cool small stuff like nudibranchs. 

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